Monday, January 24, 2011

VeriSilicon and WebM Support

Guest blogger Tomi Jalonen is Director of Product Marketing for Hantro video IP at VeriSilicon

2011 is shaping up to be an exciting year at VeriSilicon Holdings in terms of WebM support. With the new year upon us, I want to share some updates about the work we are doing at VeriSilicon to move the WebM platform forward.

VeriSilicon has been a longtime partner of On2/Hantro (Hantro is the video IP brand that Google acquired with On2 Technologies) and we were among the first hardware partners to commit to WebM video when the codec was open-sourced last year. After promoting WebM to the semiconductor industry during 2010, we're excited that at CES 2011 the first tablet supporting WebM with full 1080p resolution was demonstrated. VeriSilicon licensed the WebM IP to this tablet manufacturer and provided engineering support to bring the technology to the showroom floor.

In addition to licensing IPs, this year we'll be taking the WebM experience a step further by taping out several application processor chips--including the WebM video IP for Android phones, xPad, and Google TV--to accelerate the deployment of WebM and HTML5 video playback into the market.

The entire VeriSilicon team is very excited about the future of WebM. We believe that the availability of high-quality, optimized WebM hardware video IP, combined with other VeriSilicon audio and multimedia IP, will be a key ingredient for semiconductor companies to create competitive consumer products. After the launch of WebM, the interest in hardware-accelerated WebM video has been immense and we will continue working with the WebM Project to enable WebM and VP8 in many more chips in 2011.

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