Thursday, October 14, 2010

VP8 Documentation and Test Vector Contributions

Janne Salonen of the WebM team in Oulu, Finland (formerly On2 Finland) has added a tabular description of the VP8 syntax to the VP8 Bitstream Guide. The new annex provides a concise reference of the elements in the bitstream and we hope will make implementing and testing VP8 decoders easier. The updated document and source can be downloaded from our documentation page.

We're working on more improvements to the bitstream guide and invite other community members to help. As with the VP8 code, we gladly give attribution credit to documentation contributors and have added an AUTHORS file to the bitstream-guide Git repository.

New VP8 Test Vectors

The Oulu team has also produced some new VP8 test vectors. We analyzed a large set of WebM videos and produced two important corner use cases. The first produces the worst-case memory bandwidth (i.e., lots of global motion, all fractional motion vectors). The second produces the worst-case boolean decoder bin rate over dozens of consecutive frames. These vectors have been added to the VP8 test repository. Our team will consider other corner cases in the next batch of streams we add to the repository.

Aki Kuusela is Hantro Embedded Engineering Manager at Google.

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