Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Video Codecs 101

If you work in video compression, this has happened to you:

Someone asks what kind of work you do.  Maybe it's your aunt, or your dentist, or that nice girl you've started dating.  Now you're trapped.  Your only choices are (1) a long string of jargon that nobody wants to hear and makes folks sorry they asked, or (2) "I work with computers."

The problem is simple: most people don't know what video compression is, and you can't talk about it until they do.

What if you had a simple, three-minute animated video that explains the whole thing?  What if you could show it from your phone — right now, right there in the dentist's chair?  Now you can: Video Codecs 101.

Video Codecs 101

One video didn't seem like enough, so we made a second one that picks up where Video Codecs 101 leaves off.  After all, now that your dentist and your 10-year old niece are so smart about codecs, they'll want to know more.  So, how about another two minutes or so about what the WebM Project is doing to make video on the web faster, simpler and easier?

WebM: A Video Codec for the Web

We hope you find these videos fun and useful — and that they make your life a little easier, now that your friends finally know what you do. Enjoy.

You can learn more about WebM and even contribute to its success at webmproject.org.

Lou Quillio is Webmaster for the WebM Project.

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